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Colleen, Eyes First Vision Center

Cleve B, President of Fine Eyes Eyewear, Inc.

Dr. Lisa Veal, Optometrics

Kris, Oxboro Eye Clinic

Randy, Art Director

Todd Gershenow, OD

Lisa Veal, O.D. Optometrics, Northridge CA

“I put myself in a progressive lens early on because we had learned from the old designs that adaption would be better if I started early (lower add=less narrowing of the near channel=easier to use). So, I haven’t had many issues with different progressive lenses I have tried over the years. I may have to move my head or try not to move my head to see better in some of them, but I’ve gotten used to that. However, when I first tried my new Shamir Autograph Intelligence progressive lenses I thought there was a BIG issue. It appeared to me that they had made a single vision lens and not a progressive. I couldn’t see or feel any blurry spots or any change in the power of the lens as I moved my eyes around. Surprisingly though, I could see distance, near and intermediate really well, even off to the side!!! I was very confused and had to check to be sure there was a progressive in there. My staff was watching me as I looked around in amazement. It was like magic! This lens is the most natural progressive I have ever tried.”

Tina Rodriguez

“I received my glasses and I absolutely love love my lenses… they have less distortion then my previous lens. It’s a big difference. Thank you again for my favorite lens.”

Monica Larimore Eagle Vision Eye Clinic, Longmont, CO

“My go-to PAL design is the new Shamir Autograph Intelligence.”

Eyecare Associates of Bluffton Eyecare Associates of Bluffton

Love the lens. It simple works. Without typical negatives, I DON’T notice distortion zones, I DON’T find myself adjusting head position. I forget I’m wearing a PAL. Or, in emoji lexicon, all 👍 and no 👎.”

Laura Pennybaker AURORA EYECARE

“I absolutely love the new Autograph Intelligence lenses, very adaptable and have had many compliments from patients. This lens gives great optics…love it.” Also, a friend of mine, first time progressive wearer at 60, was afraid she couldn’t wear any progressive lenses. She got a pair of Autograph Intelligence lenses and loves them.”

Adriana Hajek Tomlin Eyecare, Long Beach, CA

“I love love this Autograph Intelligence lens, I would never even think that I have a progressive lenses on, especially when I’m driving. Driving has always been an issue when I started wearing progressives but no longer do I have a problem when I wear the Autograph Intelligence”

Dr. Brian Abert, O.D., FAAO Vista Eye Care

“Shamir’s Autograph Intelligence™ is the pinnacle of lens design, and the best option for patients needing equal amounts of both pristine clarity and visual flexibility.  Our practice has seen far fewer remakes because of the ease of adapting to this lens.  Patients new to progressive addition lenses as well as long-time progressive wearers have done wonderful in Shamir’s Autograph Intelligence™.”

Jordin Harrison: Optician Framed Ewe Optical

“As an Optician, I like to try out different lenses designs offered by Shamir so that I can have a realistic view on what I am offering clients and the benefits of each lens design. As a Myope that generally takes her glasses off to read, it was time to upgrade from my SV lenses. I’ve been wearing the RELAX with Blue Zero pretty consistently and recently decided to dive in my first real PAL. The Autograph Intelligence lens could not have been a better lens to start with! Within two days of wearing the lenses, I felt comfortable and confident in the use of the progressive. It felt like a very natural transition. Now, I no longer have to take my glasses off to read! From here on out, I will be encouraging all my first time PAL wearers and seasoned Presbyopes to give this lens a go.”

Alan Ekery, ABOM Round Rock Optical Shop

“My name is Alan and I have been in the Optical business since 1975. I am a Master Optician ABOM and in the last 40+ years I have seen the progression of the progressive lens.  The Shamir Autograph Intelligence is truly the finest lens I have ever worn and I have 21 years of experience wearing progressives.  So when my rep came in and talked to me about AI as always I was a little skeptical because I have heard the phrase “Buy mine cuz mine’s better”.  Well my wife was my guinea pig because she is on the computer 8 hours a day.  When I brought them home and she anxiously put them on and her first words were you forgot to put in the bifocal.  So I gave her something to read and she said this is the  best lens she had ever worn.  A husband can always use brownie points and I got them thanks to my rep. So I made her 2 more pairs another clear and a sun.  She is happy as a clam. So with that reaction I ordered a pair for myself and they truly are the best and I love them.  Shamir figured out to take the PD for both distance and near which was genius. I am a lifer in the Optical business and we were taught the eyes converge 3 mm when reading.  Wrong, everyone is different and I have fit over 25 pairs of AI so far and not a one patient converged a total of 3 mm they were all over that anywhere from 3.5 to 5 mm.  Thank you to Shamir and my rep for showing me the best the lens on the market is AI and my patients love it too.  Twenty five patients and counting and no redo’s. ”

Deborah Hodges InVision Optical

“Oh my Goodness. That’s what I said within a few minutes of wearing them. I just started wearing progressives, but WOW what a difference a lens makes. I’ve been struggling a bit with my others, I put these on and it’s like I have my young eyes back, lol. Clear vision far, near, intermediate without the struggle to “find” the differences. I now have a new go to lens. Thank you very much!”

David Babbitt Optical Gallery Arizona

“Feels like a clean single vision lens.”

Dr. Lynn Hammonds EYE ASSOCIATES (Hoover, AL)

“Love the lenses!”

Mario Gutierrez, O.D., F.A.A.O. Vision Source - Alamo Hts., P.A.

“I found the lenses very easy to adapt to. I am typically a “progressive lens whiner” that adapts VERY slowly to new lenses (and I complain a lot!!). However that was not the case with these new lenses.”


“As a long time champion of Shamir lenses I am excited to share my testimony!  The new trial lenses are amazing!  Great clarity, comfortable to wear, and an easy transition from distance to near as I view all distances in my world!!  I highly recommend these lenses!”

Leigh Owens EYE ASSOCIATES (Hoover, AL)

“These lenses are amazing! I have worn Progressives for 10 years and these are the best!”

Rob Szeliga, OD Spring Hill Eyecare, PLLC (TN)

“As a pre-presbyope who just entered my 40s, I have found the Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ progressive lens very easy to adapt to and makes my computer and near work more comfortable.  I previously wore the Shamir Relax and had no trouble adjusting to this new lens.”

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