Peer Reviews

Deborah Hodges InVision Optical

“Oh my Goodness. That’s what I said within a few minutes of wearing them. I just started wearing progressives, but WOW what a difference a lens makes. I’ve been struggling a bit with my others, I put these on and it’s like I have my young eyes back, lol. Clear vision far, near, intermediate without the struggle to “find” the differences. I now have a new go to lens. Thank you very much!”

David Babbitt Optical Gallery Arizona

“Feels like a clean single vision lens.”

Dr. Lynn Hammonds EYE ASSOCIATES (Hoover, AL)

“Love the lenses!”

Mario Gutierrez, O.D., F.A.A.O. Vision Source - Alamo Hts., P.A.

“I found the lenses very easy to adapt to. I am typically a “progressive lens whiner” that adapts VERY slowly to new lenses (and I complain a lot!!). However that was not the case with these new lenses.”


“As a long time champion of Shamir lenses I am excited to share my testimony!  The new trial lenses are amazing!  Great clarity, comfortable to wear, and an easy transition from distance to near as I view all distances in my world!!  I highly recommend these lenses!”

Leigh Owens EYE ASSOCIATES (Hoover, AL)

“These lenses are amazing! I have worn Progressives for 10 years and these are the best!”

Rob Szeliga, OD Spring Hill Eyecare, PLLC (TN)

“As a pre-presbyope who just entered my 40s, I have found the Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ progressive lens very easy to adapt to and makes my computer and near work more comfortable.  I previously wore the Shamir Relax and had no trouble adjusting to this new lens.”

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