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Shamir Autograph IntelligenceTM


The world’s most intelligent lens needs a website that’s as complimentary.

Easily access educational info, product info, peer reviews and more about the Shamir Autograph IntelligenceTM, all in one place.



To design a more intelligent lens, we wanted to better understand our customers. To do this we implemented a comprehensive research program. Our findings confirmed that individuals, as they age, don’t interact with computers, devices, or reading materials in the same way. Find out more about our consumer findings below. 


Everything you want to know about Shamir’s most intelligent progressive lens is available at your fingertips. Product information, Material Availability and Technical information – all available for you here.

Shamir Autograph IntelligenceTM -
Designed to match your Visual AgeTM

Harnessing today’s cutting-edge technologies, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Shamir introduces its most advanced progressive lens. Shamir Autograph IntelligenceTM is a continuous lens design that optimally matches the wearer’s Visual AgeTM and visual needs.



Product Flyer

Download the complete product flyer.


White Paper

In-depth details about research and technologies.


Technical Info

View complete fitting and ordering information.



Download material and treatment availability.



Check out the frequently asked questions.


Everyone learns in different ways; some of us are visual and some of us love to read. We’ve got you covered, from Video, Presentation Clips and a CE Course – we’ve got all you need to learn about Shamir Autograph Intelligence delivered in a way that works best for you.


We have developed a variety of videos to help you learn about Shamir Autograph IntelligenceTM in the most visual way.

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Presentation Clips

Take advantage of the following presentation clips to assist with some self-learning or to brush up on what you’ve already learned.

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CE Course

Take a deeper dive into Shamir Autograph Intelligence’s cutting-edge technologies with this CE Course.

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Peer Reviews & Recognition

See what your peers are saying about Shamir’s newest
intelligent driven progressive lens design.

Lisa Frye

“As a long time champion of Shamir lenses I am excited to share my testimony! The new trial lenses are amazing! Great clarity, comfortable to wear, and an easy transition from distance to near as I view all distances in my world!! I highly recommend these lenses!”